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Haomei trim the nails Give More love to the aged!

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trim the nails Give More love to the aged!

After making a careful plant,our company HAOMEI Aluminum went to gerocomium to extend our regards to the the aged on july 20th,2013.

The day was a couldy one.It took our about 30 minutes to get to the gerocomium.When we get there,the managers of geroconmium had aready prepared to welcome us.We followed the manager to get the activity room.The aged usually play chess,pokers or Mahjong here.We put the gifts, which are milk,soup,washing powder and some other daily necessarities on a table.

The next,we interacted with the aged.Some talked with them.From the smile in their face,we can see that they are happy.Some played chess with them.The old men mostly like playing chess.Some trimmed the nails for the aged.some people put on performance like singing songs,doing tai chi and so on.And The aged also perform their programs.That was singing traditional opera like Huamulan.

Time always goes fast.We should live.The time is short,but the emotion is deep.We left the gerocomium reluctantly.Because the aged need to be cared.Their sons and daughters can not stay with them,so they may feel lonly.But I am sure the managers of gerocomium will take good care of them.We will go to the gerocomium to make them not feel lonely.Taking of the aged is taking future us.





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